iPhone SMS Backup

iPhone SMS Backup
Save or Backup text messages

SMS is one of the most common means of communication in our modern society. And we use so many apps to compose messages to send to our loved ones every day. Some contents of the messages are just funny jokes, important, but if a message contains vital information, it would be painful if such SMS gets deleted. So, to prevent such scenarios from happening in the future, you should have any one of the software applications in your iPhone. We have many applications and software to keep your data safe. iPhone SMS Backup is one of the best among all software’s an easy way to access your backup data from your device. We have many benefits by using this software.

Features of Export SMS from iPhone:

  • Backup SMS, iMessage from iPhone including iMessages from iPod touch and iPad to your Mac or PC
  • Filter messages by contact name or number and then save as excel file
  • Export iOS device messages and save it as text or HTML file
  • Support multiple iPhone/iPad simultaneously
  • Fully support all iPad/iPhone/iPod, latest iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPad Air, iOS 7 and iTunes 11
  • iPhone SMS Backup can be used in  Mac Computer or  Windows PC. Pay once and use in any device. Future Updates are FREE
  • SMS/iMessages can be saved in most widely used file formats Excel, CSV and HTML. You can preview messages before saving them to Mac or PC
  • Backup or Save iMessages from your iPhone/iPad to your Mac or PC.

So no matter what happens to your iPhone, you’ll have your precious messages stored in a safe place.

Print Messages of iPhone with date and time

Print text messages from iPhone
Print text

Importance of SMS Export: 

We can export SMS from iPhone to any PC as on soft copy and take a print. The Messages on your iPhone are very important; that can be useful at any time. Many communications with your friends, family, loved ones and co-workers. Maybe a friend sent you an important conversation that you want to save or maybe you need to make a backup of a text for legal purposes. iPhone SMS Backup will always ready to help in any situation.

iPhone SMS Backup free version has a limited to preview SMS or text messages. To save them to your computer, kindly upgrade. Purchase single-user license key to upgrade. Key can be used to up to 3 different computers. Once you upgrade, all future updates are Free and we provide technical support if you need any help.