Free iPhone data recovery software to save lost iPhone messages

For many of us, the humble text chatting message remains an essential mode of communication. But some cloud-based services will be able to back up our emails, our posts when we lose our phone or switch to a new one. You’ve possibly got some valuable information tied up in your text message conversations. Don’t let those texts get lost—use our iPhone data recovery software to save lost iPhone messages. This iPhone data recovery software not only preserves your text histories; it will also save iPhone text messages.Unlike Android phones, iPhone OS restricts users to the backup iPhone messages given by Apple: save iPhone text messages to iCloud or to the computer hard drive.


iPhone data recovery software


To check on your built-in backups, go to Settings, tap your name, select iCloud, and iCloud Backup. If the above option is enabled, messages backups will be carried over Wi-Fi to your iCloud account. If not, messages will be stored on your computer when you connect. Backup iPhone text messages can be restored whenever you need them. Meanwhile, there is a lot of third-party iPhone message backup software that will offer to export iPhone text messages to computers, but be cautious of trying too many. Check out their user reviews, and the history of the developer, before you install anything. And don’t pay for one of these iPhone message backup services unless they first give you a free trial or demo.




iPhone SMS backup software can access most of the data on your iPhone, including text messages. With this, you can still find some decent iPhone SMS backup options, for both computer operating systems. All these iPhone messages backup software work in a similar way: Plug your iPhone to the computer via a USB cable, select the data you want to export to the computer, and the software does the rest.


You can easily transfer iPhone text messages using this software, though none of the other services support restoring iPhone texts on a new phone as iTunes or iCloud backups do.  As well as seeing messages, you can save iPhone text messages to the computer in various formats. The whole process is user-friendly and straightforward. If you want to use our iPhone data recovery we provide a free trial version.


Key Takeaways:


Backing iPhone text messages is a great way to recover lost iPhone messages. You can backup iPhone SMS messages in just a few steps with iCloud or Apple Music (iTunes). Many people feel insecure when it comes to their tech. However, the truth is that anyone can lose their iPhone or it may break and no longer work or be stolen. There’s no reason for you to lose everything because restoring iPhone messages is simple. It’s also helpful for when you update your device, as it enables you to transfer your files and data to your new iPhone. 



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