Free iPhone SMS backup software to restore lost iPhone messages

For many of us, the simple text message insists as the primary mode of communication. But on the other hand, cloud-based backup services can backup iPhone text messages, chats, emails, photos, and videos when we lost our phone or switch to a new one, our SMS histories tend to disappear. You’ve apparently got some great chat conversations, favorite memories, and very valuable information tied up in your text message conversations. Don’t let those iPhone text messages get lost—use the tips below to safely backup iPhone text messages. These solutions not only make iPhone messages backup; they can also save iPhone text messages you send in the future.



Recovering lost iPhone text messages on an iPhone is possible in a few ways. We all receive a number of text messages on a daily basis that isn’t useful. For this, most of us select multiple messages to delete them in one shot. That process sometimes leads to the deletion of important messages alongside removing junk and spam. There are also scenarios where you accidentally delete an important text message and find no simple way to get it back on your iPhone. Apple iPhone has enabled iCloud integration to restore iPhone messages including text messages. But recovering lost iPhone messages from an iCloud backup requires prior knowledge.



How to save iPhone text messages on iOS


iPhone data recovery options come built into iOS. Unlike the Android operating system, iPhone’s OS limits the users to the backup iPhone messages offered by Apple and saves iPhone text messages and iPhone data recovery to iCloud or your computer hard drive. To check on your backups option built-in, go to Settings, tap your name, iCloud, and click iCloud Backup. If the option is enabled, iPhone messages backup will be sent over Wi-Fi to your iCloud account. If not, they will restore iPhone text messages to your computer when you connect. iPhone SMS Backup, including SMS messages, can be restored whenever you need them.


Meanwhile, plenty of third-party iPhone data recovery software will offer to export iPhone messages to a Windows or macOS computer, but be careful of trying too many. Check out the user reviews, ratings, and background of the developer, before you install any iPhone data recovery software. And don’t pay for one of that software’s unless they first give you a free trial or demo on iPhone SMS backup.


iPhone sms backup software can access most of the iPhone data, including text messages. With those alerts in mind, you can still find some decent SMS backup options. Plug your iPhone into the computer via USB, select the text messages data you want to export to your computer, and our iPhone data recovery software does the rest. You can easily view text messages (including images and attachments) inside this software, though none of the data backup services support restoring iPhone messages on a new phone as iTunes or iCloud backups do. In iPhone SMS backup, you get an interface with various types of data down the left such as messages, contacts and you can view those iPhone text messages by clicking on the Messages heading. As well as exporting iPhone messages, you can save those backed-up messages to the computer in the form of  PDF, CSV, text, and XML formats, depending on what you want to do with them next. 



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