How to Backup iPhone SMS and export iPhone text messages?

The 21st century produced a lot of changes in technological tools, presenting a broader range of  opportunities. However, sometimes technology can fail, urging you to backup lost iPhone messages and export iPhone text messages to make things work smoothly again. Whether you are looking to export iPhone text messages from iCloud or iTunes – we will tell you of all the methods and outline their pros and cons.


It is generally recommended to backup iPhone SMS every two weeks. This way, you can prevent large data loss. iPhone SMS Backup service is a great help if your iPhone gets broken, or stolen or if you decided to switch to a newer iPhone. iPhone data recovery service has always been an interesting aspect. iTunes makes export iPhone text messages up to your iOS device essentially easy, and iCloud, when you have enough space to save all of your files, makes it even simpler.


One of the biggest problems that always seems to come up includes saving SMS from the iPhone up and restoring the SMS found in the Messages app. Of course, you can perform a normal iTunes backup, and export iPhone messages but that’s not a viable solution for everyone. With that in mind, what do you do if you want to backup and restore iPhone messages and keep everything else clean and fresh? Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t provide a method to do this with either iCloud backups or iTunes backups, but it can be done. We will show you how to download text messages from iPhone and iMessage, no jailbreak required.


How to restore iPhone SMS from iTunes backup?


This is a quick example showing how to restore iPhone SMS and download the text messages from iPhone from a previous backup made by iTunes.

It’s always a great idea to keep a backup of your iPhone messages regularly in addition to the backup created by the iTunes. While iTunes only do iPhone data recovery, the iPhone SMS backup tool helps you back up WhatsApp, and other conversations to your PC in addition to SMS. Download the iPhone SMS backup tool now and prevent the loss of the iPhone text messages in the future.


How to recover iPhone SMS using iPhone SMS backup tools


  1. Open iTunes on the computer and connect to your iPhone.
  2. Once it appears in iTunes then click the device button.
  3. Under Backups click “Restore from Backup…”
  4. Select the recent iPhone data backup entry and click on the “Restore” option.
  5. Warning: Making iPhone data recovery service and iMessage conversations from iTunes backup remove any media tracks which currently exist on the iPhone.
  6. Once the restoring messages are finished, you should recover access to the lost deleted text messages.



Export SMS from iPhone and Messages data from backup


The backup that we just performed wasn’t just done to be safe; it’s necessary so that we can export SMS from iPhone in order to move it to a clean device. We will extract all text messages, SMS, and Messages data. Our iPhone SMS backup software is smart enough to know the location of your backups, and it will automatically find your backup folder upon launching the app.

When you first launch our SMS backup iPhone tool, you’ll see a pop-up window that says Loading backup information. Just be patient as backup software does its thing. We have successfully extracted the relevant iPhone SMS data from the iTunes backup.


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