How to fix a corrupt iPhone backup and recover deleted text messages

Recovering iphone text messages from a corrupt iTunes is a bit difficult but not impossible, and backup iphone messages are not cooperative. When your recover deleted text messages iPhone that is being restored means your data is “irreversibly lost”. You’ve got a great chance of backup iphone messages automatically with iPhone SMS Backup Extractor.



How to know if your iTunes backup is corrupt


The easiest way is to install the free version of the iPhone SMS Backup Extractor and load your backup iphone messages in it. It’ll show your export iphone messages and if it says “Complete and encrypted” or “Complete and unencrypted” that’s a good sign. If the iPhone SMS Backup tool doesn’t recognize the backup, shows no available data, or suggests the export iPhone messages were created a very long time ago then it’s likely there’s a problem with the backup.

It’s usually straightforward to recover iPhone text messages data from an unencrypted corrupt iTunes backup. Encrypted corrupt backups are more complicated, as these describe how data in the backup messages were encrypted, and are crucial for the decryption process.


How to recover deleted iPhone text messages


We do send and receive a number of messages every day and that data adds up. Not all of these text messages will be worth remembering, such as messages from beloved ones, or messages containing vital information you’re likely to need again. Luckily, if you’ve hit on delete messages and you want them back, there are various methods you can use to recover deleted text messages and their attachments.

“Why are my messages being deleted?”

The way to save space on your iPhone mobile is by deleting the messages in size, for example, your iPhone device may force prompt you to auto-delete all text messages that are older than one year:

If you enable this function on your mobile you could lose important messages

To enable this function off on your iPhone:

  1. Go to the Settings
  2. Scroll down to Messages
  3. Find Message History and click on Keep Messages to change to Forever


This blog will help you to recover deleted text messages and export iPhone text messages from your iPhone or iPad. Your iPhone message backup data can be obtained in the four following ways:

  • Method 1. Recovery from iPhone backups 
  • Method 2. Exporting messages directly from iMessage
  • Method 3. Restoring deleted texts from iCloud


Method 1: Recovering deleted text messages from iPhone backups

Apple’s iPhone software does a great job of managing your messages safe such as preventing third-party applications from accessing them. As such, finding a way to recover lost messages takes some time. Backup lost iPhone messages are generally the best solution.

The easiest way to export iPhone messages is by finding them in an old backup – ideally, one that was taken before the messages had been deleted. If you don’t have an export iPhone messages from before the messages were deleted, you can still try to recover them by making a new backup of your phone. Beware, though: creating a new backup through iTunes, Finder or iCloud will overwrite the old backup The overview will show you how many messages can be seen in the backup option. 


Exporting directly in Messages

If you’d just like to save your iPhone text Messages conversation without doing recovery of deleted content, you can use Apple’s built-in export text messages function. You can do this directly from your iPhone device by following these steps:

  1. On your iPhone device, open the messages conversation which you want to save.
  2. Press and hold on to one of the messages, and click More
  3. Select all the text messages you want to export and backup, then tap the curved arrow at the bottom right screen.

This will copy and save all of your selected messages into a chatbox, which you can then copy and paste into your notes. Unfortunately, this method will not work for images nor will it separate out individual texts, so if you want these features, you’re better off extracting your messages from a backup!

Exporting iPhone text messages directly won’t include images and formatting


Restoring deleted texts from iCloud

It’s also possible to restore iPhone text messages to your phone from iCloud. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Settings → [enter your name] → iCloud → Messages. If it’s toggled on, toggle it off. Your phone will display as Messages that may not be fully downloaded to this iPhone. Choose the Disable and Download Messages.
  2. Toggle the Messages setting, choosing to merge text messages on your device. This will make triggering the download of your text messages from the cloud back. After some minutes, the entire process will complete.


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