How to print text messages from iPhone for court or legal purpose

If you are trying to print text messages from your Apple devices and present them as evidence for a court case or any legal matter then remember printouts, photos or screenshots of these messages should include both date and time stamps and they should clearly link these text messages to the sender. However, if you have many messages, then the best option to print them is to use a tool like iPhone SMS Backup.

Follow below steps to Print text messages from iPhone or iPad

  1. Install iPhone SMS Backup software in your computer. Download Here
  2. Make sure that to take manual backup of iPhone to Computer before using iPhone SMS Backup. Check this to know about Manual Backup
  3. Open iPhone SMS Backup in your computer. You should be able to see below screen
list of devices
Select the device and proceed next

4. From the below screen choose the list of contacts from which messages needs to be printed. Choose “All” in case all messages required

5. Click on “Save” to save messages. Messages will be saved in PDF and Excel file format

6. Open the saved PDF file. It will show as below. Contact Name and Date time stamp clearly mentioned. Press Ctrl+P on your keyboard to print these messages.


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