How to Save Text Messages from iPhone

To backup iPhone text messages or to export SMS iPhone, you have to do a local iTunes backup so that you have an SMS database on your PC.

iPhone SMS Backup software helps you to backup iPhone text messages or export SMS iPhone and save required text messages from iPhone/Apple devices.

Follow below steps to take local iTunes Backup

Step 1: Make iPhone local backup to the computer using iTunes Software.

a. Connect the iPhone with the computer and launch iTunes. Click the device button

b. Under the Summary, click on “Backup Now” in the Backup section. Then iTunes will start backing up your iPhone data as well as the text messages.



As iTunes stores the data in the SQLite database form, you cannot preview backup data. You need a third-party tool to preview or save text messages like the iPhone SMS Backup tool.

Step 2: Print or Save the text messages from iPhone with iPhone SMS Backup tool.

Install the SMS Backup iPhone desktop app on your computer. Download from Here

Once the installation is complete, Open SMSBackupApp on your computer. If there is already a local backup on your iPhone, it will be shown as below screen.


If you are unable to see your device on the list, please check whether your iPhone or iPad’s backup completed successfully in iTunes or not.

Choose the device from which you want to save text messages and click “Next” to preview all messages as shown in the below screen.

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Search with Contacts and gmail .

There are various options to choose from.

  1. Filter messages by contact name
  2. Toggle ON/OFF to include attachments of text messages
  3. Choose the location where you want to save messages
  4. Messages will be saved in PDF, HTML and Excel format
  5. For printing purpose use PDF file

If you face any difficulty on how to save text messages from iPhone to PC, please check this Tutorial or contact us through We ensure that any query will be answered under 24 hours.


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