How to take Manual Backup using iTunes in Mac or PC

Methods for iPhone message backup and backup messages iPhone

Launch iTunes Software from your computer

a)Connect your iPhone to the computer via a USB cable and select it from the iTunes sidebar or at the top right of the screen if you are using the new layout.

You should be able to see below screen

Methods for iPhone message backup, backup for iPhone messages


b)Take the Backup to your computer without encryption using iTunes Software in your Mac or PC

You should be able to see below screen.

Backup iPhone methods, methods for iPhone backup,
Steps for Backup


Note: – Anyone can backup messages from your iPhone/iPad with iCloud. However, it will not save the backup file you need to extract the files on your computer. By using the iPhone SMS Backup tool can easily recover deleted text messages iPhone of your device to your computer instead of iCloud. After using our iPhone SMS Backup, you can go back to the usual iCloud backup.


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