Proven Way to Backup iPhone Messages Using iCloud

We’ll begin Backup iPhone Messages by using iCloud since it’s free to iPhone users and is one of the more convenient options to export iPhone text messages. Although there are plenty of alternatives to export and backup SMS messages from iPhone that we’ll explore later.


You can Backup messages iPhone 5/6/7 to iCloud in just a few simple steps. Before you turn this feature of SMS Export Iphone, you need to plug your phone into a power source and connect to WiFi.

  1. Tap “settings”
  2. Tap on the“iCloud” or tap the user banner option at the top of the screen, then tap on “iCloud”
  3. Tap “backup” or “iCloud backup”


Your phone will automatically Backup messages iphone to iCloud when it is charging, connected to WiFi, and locked. For more details on this process, check out how to Backup iPhone Messages in this article.


How To Export iPhone Text Messages Using Computer

Here is a way to export iPhone text messages on your computer. When iTunes first came to Windows, many users experienced bugs or disliked the user interface or how it changed with software updates.

Many people left out using iTunes and never ever looked back. If you are one of those users, we will present a list of alternatives to iTunes. It also covers how to Backup iPhone Messages and Export iPhone Text Messages using the Windows version of iTunes. In case you have never used it or are ready to do SMS Export Iphone then give a try.


iPhone SMS Backup service

iPhone SMS backup service is an alternative to iTunes, and offers manual Backup messages iphone as well as a one-click “smart backup.” It can function as an iTunes replacement and can backup SMS Export Iphone, messages, and more, although only the trial version is free.

iPhone SMS backup service has a native app for iOS that allows you to Backup messages iPhone, music, and photos but this accessibility needs to be paid for.


Export and Backup SMS messages from iPhone with Mac

Synchronization of the iPhone with Mac is also a good option if you want to export and backup SMS messages from iPhone. Below are the steps to do SMS Export Iphone.

Step 1: Select the Launchpad application from the dock on Mac. Then, select the Messages app.

Step 2: Click the Preferences option in the drop-down menu bar after clicking the word Messages present on the top-left side of the screen.

Step 3: Select the iMessage @ logo.

Step 4: Enter the same Apple ID details on iPhone.

Step 5: Open the Settings option in your iPhone and scroll down to Messages.

Step 6: Click the text message of the forwarding tab in the Messages window. Then, select on the Mac you want to allow forwarding.


Backup text messages iPhone to Gmail

You can also export iPhone text messages from iPhone freely to your Gmail account as a backup option. Gmail is a web-based service by Google that also provides space to users to store messages and other media. So, you can easily save text messages on the iPhone to Gmail. So, the requirement of an SMS backup solution will always be there.

Steps to export iPhone text messages from Gmail

Step 1: Go to the Settings tab on your iPhone and tap Messages.

Step 2: Then, click the text message forwarding option under the messages app. Enter your ID on the appeared screen. The option will also be useful to sync iPhone text messages with other devices.



You’ve seen how easy it is to make an iPhone SMS backup service on the iPhone, either to a local computer or in the cloud. You can even make local backups, encrypted backups of your iPhone and copy them to the best cloud providers.

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