Restore iPhone Text Messages? Explanation on How to Do it

iPhone sms backup tool provides you with various ways to create backup iPhone text messages of your iPhone. You can use either iCloud or iTunes app to export iPhone text messages to your devices. The issue you could face sometimes is that when it comes to restoring lost iPhone messages, you cannot selectively restore content on your device. If you are looking to restore iPhone text messages, then that is something you cannot do using the restoration process.




This article focuses solely on helping you to Backup iPhone text messages, and if it is, then what methods are used to do the task. As an iPhone user, one of the things at least once in your life you have come across is accidental data deletion. This includes ending-up deleting your messages, videos, photos, and even text messages. However, there are some methods on how to recover deleted messages on the iPhone without a computer to try and recover iPhone text messages.


Part 1. Is It Possible to Backup iPhone Messages?


The first thing you want to know is you can only backup iPhone messages. If you use the iTunes standard restoration method, then you cannot selectively restore iPhone text messages.

However, there are some iPhone SMS backup tools in the market that help you selectively restore messages and files from your chosen iTunes backups. Also, there is an option on iCloud to help you restore iPhone text messages in case that is all you want to restore on your phone.


Part 2. Recover the Deleted iPhone Messages without using Computer from iCloud

One of the best ways to recover deleted iPhone messages, including text messages, on iPhone is to restore your iCloud backups. If you already have a backup option prior to deleting your messages, your messages can be safely included in the backup. Once you make the restore and backup on your iPhone, all of your backup iPhone text messages will be back on your device.


The following steps on how to use iCloud to recover deleted iPhone messages without a computer.

  • The first thing you are going to do is reset your device. To do it, open the Settings, click on General, Reset, and select Erase all the content and Settings.
  • Erase iphone
  • Once your device is done the reset, then start setting from scratch.
  • When you go through the apps & data screen, select the option that says Export iPhone text messages.
  • Restore icloud backup
  • Select the backup iphone text messages you wish to restore.

Once the Sms export iPhone messages is done, you will find that you now have all of your iPhone text messages restored safely on your device.


Part 3. The Recommended Way to Recover Deleted iPhone Messages on iPhone with a High Recovery Rate

If you are looking for the best option to export iPhone text messages that do not delete your data, let you preview your messages. It helps you selectively save SMS from iPhone with high recovery rate, then iPhone sms backup tool is an excellent tool for you.The iPhone sms backup software is really amazing in how it works. It allows you to scan your device and save SMS from iPhone that you deleted on it. 



To recover the deleted iPhone text messages without backup, you can use the below steps.

  • Install the latest software version on your computer.
  •  Plug-in your iPhone to the computer and launch the software.
  • Connect your iPhone to the computer
  • Click on the Recover from iOS Device option in the software. 
  • Select Messages and Attachments and hit Start Scan at the bottom.
  • You can now view the results on the screen. Select the items you want to save sms from iPhone and click on Recover at the bottom-right corner.
  • Preview the data
  •  Click on Recover to Device option to restore and save your iPhone text messages.
  • Recover data



To backup sms from an iPhone without a computer, you can use the best methods. if you want a bit more flexibility, then you can try iPhone messages backup tool to recover sms on iPhone without backup or from iCloud backup file.



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