Transfer, Print, and recover iPhone Text Messages

iPhone is one of the best discoveries in the world. It makes people’s lives much simpler, easier, and comfortable. Today most people have an iPhone and they use it to communicate with other people by calling or sending messages. iPhone Text messaging is an amazing way to communicate with other people. Sometimes they are very valuable because it makes people talk, chat and connect even without seeing each other. However, sometimes your mobile may have no space and you have to delete some important photos and files including your messages. No matter what the reasons to save iPhone text messages, having an iPhone SMS backup and keeping a track of all your text messages can be a huge relief. We will show you how to recover iPhone text messages from the iPhone. You are able to print iPhone text messages via Email, screenshot, and various tools like iPhone SMS backup.




Transfer iPhone text messages using iPhone SMS Backup


iPhone Text messages are taking over, they’re replacing phone calls and e-mail.  iPhone text messages are very valued and you are required to print iPhone text messages to a readable format and recover iPhone text messages. The texts on your iPhone are now one of your most prominent forms of communication with family, friends, and loved ones. Maybe a friend sent some important message information that you want to save for later and you need to backup iPhone text message for legal purposes. Whatever the reason, the iPhone SMS backup tool lets you transfer iPhone messages and print iPhone text messages on your Mac or PC. The following tutorial walks you through how to use iPhone SMS backup to recover iPhone text messages and backup iPhone messages including attachments (Images, Contacts, etc) to your computer as a . PDF. TXT, or. CSV document. That is why printing and recover iPhone text messages is very important, especially when you want to re-read some conversations for reference. Now, follow these steps to how to print iPhone text messages from iPhone.


Follow these steps to transfer iPhone text messages from an iPhone or iPad and recover iPhone text messages to your computer:


  • Connect your iPhone and open iExplorer.
  • Click the Data tab in the Device Overview screen and go to the click on the Messages button.
  • If you haven’t done any previous iTunes backup on your computer, you will be asked to make one (choose Yes). If you have done any iTunes backup, and it’s more than 1 day old, it will ask whether you’d like to use the previous Backup option or Refresh to create a new SMS backup iPhone.
  • Once backup iPhone SMS has completed loading your Messages, you may choose an option in the left panel.
  • If you don’t want to transfer those entire messages, you may select each message or multiples, and click the “Export iPhone Messages” button
  • Print iPhone Text Messages on an iPhone via iPhone Print Button
  •  The messaging app does not allow this from the app itself though so it is necessary to backup iPhone SMS messages to the native Notes app and print the file from there.


 Saving the Messages to Notes


To copy an iPhone text message, you would need to select the Message app then tap and hold on the message for you to get a pop-up menu, on which you would need to select “Copy”. Then open the Notes app and then Tap & hold on the screen to go the menu option which will include the Paste option



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