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Accidentally deleted or lost iMessage on your iPhone? You may be able to backup iPhone messages using our simple iPhone data recovery software.

Keeping in mind how the Messages app is promisingly to fill up with text messages, and other attachments. it’s a good idea to have the space clear-out on your iPhone. But what happens if you delete any important text message by accident? Well, with any luck and our advice is that you can probably backup lost iPhone messages. In this blog, we walk you through simple methods to retrieve lost iPhone texts using iPhone data recovery software.




Recover Deleted Text messages with iPhone SMS backup


Our iPhone SMS backup software is your complete mobile solution. It solves issues including recovering iPhone data, transferring texts, and unlocking your phone with this convenient tool. 


How to retrieve deleted text messages from an iCloud backup


If you made an iCloud SMS backup before you got cleared of the text messages, you may be able to use this to recover lost messages. Here is the way how to retrieve iPhone deleted messages.

Open the Settings, and tap on your name or picture at the top. Select the iCloud and go to Manage Storage, then tap on the Backups. You’ll be shown a list of available backups; tap one to see when it was saved. Even if you do a suitable backup, keep in mind that you will need to completely reset your iPhone to factory settings. You’ll lose any data added or any changes made by the system since the backup. So be sure to save separate copies of any recent files you want to keep.


How to export iPhone text messages without overwriting your iPhone


This is a method that’s excellent if it works since it doesn’t require a complete reset to backup iPhone messages. But it doesn’t work for everyone.  So try the first two steps if you’re one of the lucky ones, and proceed to the next method if you’re not.


Login to entering your Apple ID and password.

Click on Text Messages. (If it isn’t visible, your text messages haven’t been backed up here, so you need to skip to the next method.)

Search the text messages to find the messages you need.

Now go to iPhone and choose Settings > your name > iCloud.

Turn off Text Messages.You’ll see a popup. Select the Keep On My iPhone option. Now turn text messages back on.


How to recover lost iPhone messages from an iTunes/Finder backup


If you are unable to find a suitable backup, you may be able to recover lost iPhone text messages from a backup on iTunes. 

Remember that using the iCloud, it will overwrite the iPhone data newer than the backup. Export and save the texts separately you want to keep.

Connect your iPhone to the Mac containing the backups and Open iTunes or Finder. In iTunes, select your device from the left hand menu bar.

Now choose ‘Restore backup’. In the Finder, you’ll find the option under the General tab. The messages backup data will now be replaced with the data on your phone. 



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