Way to backup text messages on iPhone

iPhone SMS Backup software is regarded as the best iPhone SMS export tool for iPhone. This message backup in iPhone software allows the users to enjoy a wide range of iPhone message backup functions that are not found elsewhere.

The iOS data and message backup in iPhone have never been as easy as it is with this application. The Backup iPhone text messages data of any kind can easily export SMS from an iPhone, which is a huge positive for iPhone users. The apps installed on the iPhone are also compatible with the program. It means that Whatsapp, Line, and SMS data can be stored and messages backed up on the iPhone from an appropriate place as the user deems fit.

Below are the simple ways to export SMS from iPhone and SMS chats stored on your mobile device.




Find and Open the File to Backup iPhone text messages

Apple saves and Backup iPhone text messages in its iPhone backups—whether they’re saved in your PC or they’re done through iCloud backup—which you should have. That’s good! Unfortunately, the file containing all your text messages doesn’t show up separately within the backup. However, you can export SMS from the iPhone through the filesystem. If you do Backup iphone text messages locally on a Mac computer, you can find the file through Library option > Application Support > Mobilesync option> Backup. You should find various folders in there, with a different backup image for each one on your phone. 

Each of these folders should have a file named: Those are your text messages, in the form of SQLite database. Note that the Apple system hides the Library folder from users, so if you can’t access it, go to the Finder > Go menu and hold down Shift while the Go menu is open. 

Use an iPhone SMS backup software App to make iPhone SMS export

Many different programs can not only be used to make iPhone SMS export but can also simplify finding and performing them. iPhone SMS backup service is commonly recommended for Mac, and the iphone SMS backup tool seems to be the application of choice among Windows users. There’s a variety of similar utilities.

Another recommendation is doing SMS Export iPhone, which we’ve covered in the past. It requires money, but the demo version of SMS Export iPhone will enable you to read into the .mddata file and copy/paste the text. If you want to export iPhone text messages into a PDF or text file, you’ll have to pay.


Export iPhone text messages

To this step, we’ve been treating Messages and SMS as the same protocol, because the mentioned methods cover both. But if you sync Messages and SMS on your Mac or iPhone, your computer should get the export iPhone text messages to your phone and save them in the Messages chat logs. You can print a complete conversation in the Messages application or find the chat sections in Library > Messages > Archive.

 iPhone SMS Backup service

If you’re using the texts to actually settle a matter, you’ll probably want an iPhone SMS Backup service. Apart from SMS, the software app is also capable of export iPhone text messages using the most common i.e. XML format.

The drawback is that the progress messaging is not supported. The local Backup iPhone Messages can be transferred easily directly to the cloud services such as Dropbox, Gmail, and Google Drive offering a hassle-free process.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, this article explains how to make iPhone SMS backup folders and books filled with hundreds and thousands of your favorite messages. We think you’ll love our Software for your backup needs.  Get started making yours today!

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